National Base for Basic Scientific Research and Teaching Talents Training


In July 1994, CCMS National Base for basic scientific research and teaching talents training  was authorized by former State Education Commission, and then succeeded in the evaluation made by the experts from the Ministry of Education in Oct 2004. Based on the strong supports from National Basic Scientific Research Fund of Talents Training, together with integrating good quality resources in CCMS, CCMS sets up “Scientific Research Innovation Fund” and “Research Award Fund” to encourage undergraduate to participate in the practice of scientific research, and to cultivate research interests and the scientific research ability of undergraduates.


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Wang, Yaoyu

Prof. Wang’s group has five teachers and fifteen graduate students. The research interests of the group mainly focus on the functional coordination chemistry and materials chemistry. The group has started to explore a totally new field about molecular braid, synthesized the first case of novel [4]-crossing catenane coordination polymer, and found the catalyst of decarboxylation in the in situ reaction.