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The chemistry discipline of  Northwest University (NWU)  as the earliest center for cultivating chemistry talents in the western China, was originally founded in 1923. It was firstly named as Chemistry Department in 1937, and then  College of Chemistry and Materials Science (CCMS) in 2008.

CCMS locates in Chang'an campus of the NWU. CCMS  facilities are mainly housed in the chemistry building, which are near 28,000  m2. CCMS has a qualified faculty of over 100 full-time teachers and researchers, including 42 professors, 1 "Chinese Academy of Engineering",  1 "scientifical fund for outstanding people",  1 "National thousand talents program". CCMS currently offers 4 undergraduate programs and 8 graduate programs, 7 PhD programs , and 1 post-doctoral program. At present, CCMS has an enrollment of 600 full-time undergraduate and 300 full-time graduate students.

CCMS included five teaching and research divisions: Inorganic chemistry and Materials Chemistry, Organic chemistry and chemical biology, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Polymer chemistry and Physics. CCMS houses six teaching-learning-research platforms: National Science Foundation for scientific research and teaching personnel training base, National Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Synthetic and Natural Functional Molecular Chemistry, Key Lab of Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Key Lab of Shaanxi Analytical Science and Key Lab of Shaanxi Separation Science. Strong supports from the State "Project 211" and NWU, together with an average annual research funding, allow CCMS to maintain a relatively high level facilities for advanced research and teaching in the northwestern China. State-of-the-art facilities like MALDI-TOF, Q-TOF, SQUID, GPC, SEM, Edinburgh- FLS-920, X-ray diffractometer, and NMR (400 MHz) are available. CCMS’s network allows connection to NWU library system which provides quick access to a full range of scientific databases (e.g., Elsevier ScienceDirect, SciFinder Scholar) and electronic journals for quick retrieval of information directly to most desktop computers.

CCMS always gives priority to its international exchange and cooperation. Now it has established cooperative relations with institutions of higher learning and research in more than 96 foreign countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan, as well as regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. For the past few years, more than 10 foreign prominent scholars visited CCMS, and 3-4 CCMS faculties go abroad for advanced study in world famous universities.

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Wang, Yaoyu

Prof. Wang’s group has five teachers and fifteen graduate students. The research interests of the group mainly focus on the functional coordination chemistry and materials chemistry. The group has started to explore a totally new field about molecular braid, synthesized the first case of novel [4]-crossing catenane coordination polymer, and found the catalyst of decarboxylation in the in situ reaction.